Keeping firepower after losing life

Space Races would need to be dealt with first, since there already are two perishables you need to have to get a faster time

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And old players with higher skill using it can also exploit it.

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iA made a poll once, to decide if the mass condensers should be prohibited from using them in space races or not, and the majority of us voted to keep it

Yes, but the new players have the right to use, aren’t they?

Didn’t the majority vote to disable it? I’d like a link to the topic, tbh.

No, not easier, these items are absolutely necessary if you want to get a good time, which is the exact issue here.


32% voted to keep them as they are, 38% voted to disable them completely, and the remaining 30% voted to nerf them for space races (via damage reduction - 12%, or time penalty - 18%).

So actually, about a third of the “community” (if you can even call the 56 voters that) voted to keep them. Not the majority. The majority wants them either gone from space races completely or at least nerfed.


Huh, I didn’t see that coming

It becomes unfair for the new players too very quickly when the old players also start using it. All I’m saying is that any item that massively improves gameplay can also be used by the people they weren’t meant to benefit so you’re not improving anything. Perhaps not reducing firepower can be as a part of tourist and rookie skill, if you really want to make the game less brutal for new players, since perishables can be used by virtually anybody, and if anyone is in need of this, it’s the players on Tourist.

Well, you can’t change difficulties in the space race

And thus the Space Race is still a level playing field while other missions can be less brutal since all other competitions are dependent on points, and lower difficulties have less scoring, so there’s no unfair advantage while still being a good starting point for people who want to familiarize themselves with the game.

Less reduce firepower for new players with lower tier is good idea, but my idea is something like Poultry Payback, which already released and everyone can use it, whether new and old players, even in Space Races.

I already told you. If everyone can use it, then there’s no improvement in the current situation, as it stands. A simple way to put it is like this: there’s 3 and 5. If you add 2 to both of them they become 5 and 7. The numbers have gotten bigger but the difference between them is still 2. Adding 2 to 3 only makes it 5 and 5, which is equal.


What do you think about his idea?

  • Very helpful and useful! Would like to see it. Love it.
  • I’m neutral.
  • I hate it.

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Thanks for making poll.

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You are welcome mate.

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I said “I’m neutral” because hate is too polarizing of a word for an idea as simple as this, but I’m definitely on the negative side.


Everyone could use it as an exploit to Space Race with mass condensers

Tbh I don’t get why mass condensers still exist… They are useful only in space races and on the last poll the majority decided that it would be better if they were removed.
Also regarding this stackable, it would be useful for when you accidentally die in a long level and you’re forced to resist until it is over or just surrender it. Maybe make it so it not keeps the current firepower, but rather reduce the fp penalty of dying.

The game isn’t just space race, and from what I’ve seen in this topic is that it would just be abused in space race, but that is just because of mass condensers…


I am not against OP’s (Original Poster’s) idea, but nor am I for it.
It would certainly be most useful in any kind of situation, but that’s the problem. It would make some things too easy. Even on higher difficulties.

I stand neutral on OP’s idea.

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