Poll: How many total hours have you played Chicken Invaders?

We’re trying to gauge the average level of player experience on this forum. Please select (approximately) how many total hours you’ve spent playing Chicken Invaders (any and all episodes together, not just CIU).

If you’re unsure, check your in-game statistics (Main Menu -> Save the World -> Fly Solo -> My Carer -> Statistics or Main Menu -> Save the World -> Statistics).

  • Less than 1 hour
  • 1 hour
  • 2 hours
  • 5 hours
  • 10 hours
  • 20 hours
  • 50 hours
  • 100 hours
  • 200 hours
  • 500+ hours

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50 hours recently and many many hours between 2007/2008-2012 and a few hours on mobile

I changed to 200 hours because you can count in the old playtime and it was a lot, like a few hours daily (CI3)

I mean,I have lots of profiles,and I played the game in different devices a lot,too. So I’d say 200 hours at least.

Well I don’t have exact statistics because I played Chicken Invaders on many devices (laptops, desktops, smartphones) and I frequently format them. On steam I have small number of hours (4+4+7+23) and also steam doesn’t count offline play.
So counting total all different editions on every device it would be easily more than 200 hours. Fun fact I really loved CI2 Demo which was included on nearly every (I’m not kidding, really) CD disc with game magazines. So yeah, more than 200 hours in every game combined for sure.

I understood CIU… I played whole series pretty much. I want to change my vote.

Then change it,lol.

I didnt saw the butto for a moment lol.

I Accidently choosed 5 hours but its actually 200 hours lol

You can change your vote by clicking on hide results and voting again. Btw, it’s funny how everyone on this forum is a dedicated CI player :joy:

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I play this game at age 5
It was really great

In CI5, is flight time hours, minutes, ſeconds? I tried working it out by flyïng a few minutes, but the time didn’t change.

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Flight time only adds up once you get a game over or the mission is completed.

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Ah, thank you. What about the meaſurement?

It’s in hh:mm:ss.


I started playing Chicken Invaders in 2005. It was one of the first games I have ever played. My first CI game was The Next Wave. I played demo for hours. But when my uncle bought the full version… I could play this for days. I seriously got addicted to this. In 2006 ROTY came out. My uncle bought this inmediately. And I was playing this for … Well, about 3 hours per day. In 2011, and once again, my uncle bought UO. One of the best CI games, Ive ever played. 2014 was the release of COTDS. Although, I never played the full version on PC, i was playing this on my phone. Now, in 2018, I’m enjoying the early access of CIU. So, in total I’ve played over 500+ hours. @InterAction_studios you made one of the best games I’ve ever played. Thank you!

I was addicted back then too :smile: my goal was to get the world record in CI3 on rookie but i only got 2nd. Idk how much I played, but it was, like, many hours a day and it was almost the only game i played. When UO came out i still played CI3, it was one of the best somehow…

I think I have played about 1000 hours (half an hour everyday for six years)
Starting from 2012 ( I have been playing since 2007, but I started half hour every day since 2012 with those it even reaches 1200 or 1300 hours too)

Hard to say since I’ve played on various PCs since 2006 but it’s safe to say that I’ve put in a LOT

i start with CI3 in 2009

now i play this game over 5000 hours.