Poll: How many total hours have you played Chicken Invaders?


I played 3 hours each day


I played this about +500 hours


Honestly I am not sure.However I am sure I played the game for weeks and for 1 session about 4-6 hours.Is this healthy?? :joy::confounded::grinning:


I played CI3 alone for almost a year.
I remember myself start at the winter, at the spring I got to the level with the silvery egg, and at the summer I struggled with the bloody Yolk (and then a friend of mine showed me that I can use cheats to win the game and then we beat it in less than an hour… lol)
Also, I can’t even imagine how many hours I played from the moment I had CI3 to this day - and we’re talking about 10 years.
10 Years!!


10920 hours, to be exact… (if you really played 3 hours a day for 10 years…)


Min. 12hrs.


yes i was really played


First time I play CI in 2014. I’m not usually play this game before CIU open early access. Now I spend 2 hour a day to play CIU :sweat_smile: