Polish Lang

i’m from Poland and
Can you add Polish lang?
Please :smiley:

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Disregarding the fact that translating the game isn’t going to be an easy task (since stuff gets changed every version), it’s in early access, and finishing the game is more important than that

But it might happen eventually


Unfortunately, translations of any language won’t be added until after Early Access. Either wait or stick with English…or do something else.


My friend Matix is making a translation for himself, but yeah, just wait and stick with good old english

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Or you could help translate the game.Just saying.

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Yeah, the game is still in Early Access and bugs and typos are present in the game. Though, yes I am translating the game to polish language, but I’m doing this because I’ve got nothing else to do. I’m surrounded by a pure boredom. Plus, I want to become a game translator. And yes I realize that the OTP is closed but I find translating the game really fun and relaxing to me. Heh, I want to polish my english a bit.

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I’m pretty sure the job of polish translator is already taken by the same guy who did CI5 translation in 3 days.

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Even if the translator has already been taken, then that’s okay. Like I said, I want to improve my english, since I want to become a game translator. Though CIU has more stuff to translate than CI5 had, that’s for sure :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s honestly a really great goal to have, keep doing that! :slightly_smiling_face:

Besides, Chicken Invaders games have never been translated to Bulgarian, so I’m down to do that with my Bulgarian pals once CIU is no longer in Early Access! Right now I can think of @Nikito and @Dakata off the top of my head. Maybe I should become Sufito for a change /s

Off-topic, but does anyone else happen to live here as well? Better DM me so that we don’t fill this topic with irrelevant posts.


Im not live in Bulgaria, but is the best language what i can speak

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