Please bring back that sound when you reach 1m Points

I’m sure old players of the previous titles would know what I’m talking about when you’re playing and you reach 1M points you hear a 2-3 second sound clip play.

Please bring that back! I miss hearing it :frowning: made me feel happy lol


You mean ‘Extra Life’ sound?


YES! I miss it badly with this game. How was this missed? You may not get extra lives when playing normally on Universe but still add it in for the points lol. Just hearing it made me feel good about myself.

Do you know that this sound plays when you’ve beaten CI2’s Mother-Hen Ship’s final encounter?

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That’s where ‘Extra Life’ sound came from

Yeah but I don’t want it added back in just for the boss lol. I want to hear it when I fly missions and reach 1M Points and then the sound plays.

So you just ask for the sound, not asking for the actual Extra Life right? I’m fine with that.


Yeah just the sound. Not sure how it hasn’t been brought back yet even at version 8… :frowning:


Now you can’t get the extra life sound anymore because you can buy the Extra Life and select it to the slot to get more life


So what? Just play the sound when a player reaches 1M points no reward nothing… How hard could it be?


Yeah. I miss that sound.


I dont miss it. Dont turn it back its just annoying. My opinion!

I think it can come back to signal every 1 million points

No idea if that’s still planned, but here you go.

They should remaster it to sound more energetic and modern sounding imo

Could you explain what this means?

i made a poor choice of wording there

i was thinking about making it sound better and remastered, but still being simmilar to the old version at the same time

Classic Mode should be brought back in for the harder missions lol. I find myself losing a lot haha.

Extra life sound is the best sound effect! :grin: