Planetary missions ideas

we will need more planets with 2 new types. Water planet and crystal planet
But no frozen cause theres frozen wasteland already
At the water planet all missions all water missions and icons like this

And crystal planets has only crystal missions and icons like this

But frozen wastelands has normal misions and atmosphere missions buttons
The atmosphere missions has frozen missions with this icon

Water missions has dark blue backgrounds crystal missions dark purple and frozen ones light blue background
Wait… How come nobody suggested new waves and bosses???
Suggest them yourself i dont have any ideas now byeeee

this will require a lot of effort since the terrain will have to be randomly generated and you can’t reuse the already existing waves here


Yes i know it wont do the old waves here so i said this

And wont planetary missions like that anyway?

yeah but you’re not suggesting anything original here, just what already was in CI5

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Im not the first one to ask about planetary missions and also im not asking if planetary missions get added i said if they get added they need planets and icons and new wave im not resuggesting the old stuff

planets and icons, the bare minimum of effort
who even knows whether there would be multiple kinds of planetary missions or only one mission type (maybe dependent on environment)

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