CIU version 137

i think its a bit impossible but i hope so.

What Wrong That Made You Use The " No " Choice In Voting? Artifical Recovery Missions May Add A Improved And More Fun Gaming And They Are Four Types:Underwater,Gamma Chton,Ice Planet,Going To Earth. They Are Good Arent Ya? Also If Ia Added Them Should We Make Every Type In Every Planet? Like:Gamma Chton:Every Random Planet,Ice Mission:Frozen Planets,Underwater Dive:Gas Giant,Going To Earth:Any Planet Likes The Earth And Similar In Look,Would You like those types if they are added?

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Metal Bunnies? Maybe.?

This idea has been suggested numerous times, plus, it’s a huge can of worms.

Who Suggested It?

Too many people to count.

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My mind exploded

You can search topics suggesting planetary missions.

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Hey IA, I’ve just noticed in the Thanksgiving Edition, when hitting the Magnetic Manipulator, it makes Thanksgiving Chicken (Turkey) noises like it should (?). But when that boss is defeated, its scream is the one of a Normal Chicken (no editions). Can you fix that?

Currently, it appears to be also the case for the Feather Brain, Special Forces, It’s Party Time!, It Gets Cold In Space, Thundercluck, Dr. Beaker and Brothers Reunited bosses. Even the Big Chickens from the Chicken Multiplicity boss and the Squawk Block missions.

Not to mention the Twin Infini-Chicks, as DGU mentionned below, before me.

I’ve seen in Thanksgiving, Big Chicken in Chicken Multiplicity doesn’t change into turkeys. Why?

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Also the twice infinity thingsgiving edition death sound is not turkey.

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It’s also the case for the Chicken Multiplicity boss.

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Well not just multiplicity, them being alone without it is missing it as well and as I said, the thingsgiving edition in the game is so unfinished that the U.C.O turkey model didn’t get add in with the sqwak block boss turkey model didn’t get add in too.

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And I meant by these two.
Photos are not mine

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It’s happening in Halloween edition, too.
Shoot the chicken boss: They scream bat sound, but when they are defeated, “chicken boss cry” sound effect is appeared



Also superchick screams as a chicken when it’s killed, same with twice infinity Halloween edition.

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Also, can iA change the bat sound for bigger a little? It’s too small to hear, if we compare them with their original chicken sound


Yeah, it’s lower actually for any chicken boss Halloween edition and they need to be higher

So rn I’m gonna check if there is anything else missing