Planetary Egg City Chicks

Make planetary Egg city have different types of chicks deppending on difficulty, this incluide Berserk, Bandana, assain and… Pirate?
Also it could have coward chickens on extreme difficulty.
Or a mix of all of them in the boss
(Because we need something different in the boss)


Good idea and also make it shoot more green bullets depending on difficulty.

But it is already like that (somehow). If you play very hard missions you’ll notice that it shoots more bullets.

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I worry that the zoom out is too much to notice those, especially cowards and their poops

Also take in note that it will shoot some green bullets, then next time that will happen again. this happens in very easy missions.

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Keep those skills. (or eggs abit bigger for the player notice)

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Make the amount of lasers dependant on difficulty.


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