Plan Update #07


Hey IA studios what day will u release the CIU??


LOL when it’s done :smile:


@InterAction_studios keep going you can do it


maybe you will show us some photo of the progress!


If you read the previous plan updates,you should know that we already have a few photos


We have 1 photo from Plan Update 5. But the things in Plan Update 6 are more exciting than this photo.


I can’t wait for this game


i am sure the waiting will be all worth it

Thanks for the Update


List is down to 84 items :smile: :alien: :gift: maybe :jack_o_lantern:

Don’t worry the game will be ready one way or another sooner or later :gift: :gift: :gift: :gift: maybe :earth_africa:


Please don’t be impaitient.


Good guess, the list is in fact down to 84 items :astonished:


I know :smile::smile::smile::smile:
you know why??? because beliveme or not 84 is my lucky number and arguably in this time of my life I saw a lot of coincidence with that number :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::christmas_tree:
so let me guess another one :smiling_imp:the early access will not be ready until the end of november :smiling_imp:


lol everyone knows that

2 days later…

CIU early acces just dropped go download it


Where can I download and play it.


It’s not yet released. Still need to wait


A little chaos,chaos and now the list grew to 10000000+ items.


Is it really dude?!?


Eat Bowser’s sourpuss bread to find out.


Why not mario instead of bowser?


hey InterAction_studios what’s up??? some news?