Plan Update #07

Greetings, recruits!


We’ve managed to successfully handle the emergencies that cropped up last time with the Google/Apple stores, which has allowed us to get back to CIU development 100%.

Today we’re feature-freezing the first early access build, which means that from now on, no more functionality will be added. This took a bit longer than expected because the original plan was to launch with CI5 content only (with CI4/3/2 coming in future updates). However, we found the ‘portable’ CI5 content to be lacking in variation (mostly because the planet missions cannot be ported – at least not at this stage), so we decided to go back and also port a large chuck of CI4 content to fill in the gaps.

Having feature-freezed the build, we’ll spend the next one or two weeks going through our list of “to-do’s” and “fixme’s” and fixing everything necessary to get the build up to a shippable state. A quick check reveals that our list currently holds… erm… 1393 items. Oops. Well, it appears we’ll have to do some triaging.

After this is done, we’ll spend a few more days deploying the server architecture, and then it’s early access time!


The date on which the game will be released.


:confused: wait wait wait and wait again :confused: at least we have some news!!! let me say something…that waiting disappoint me a lot!!! :confused: I understand that is not easy but again sorry I have high expectation!!! …welll good luck !!! and there’s one thing to do …WAIT! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
and PS should be nice if the early access would come on 14 november to maintain the lucky number 14

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Keep going guys. Little by little the adventure is approaching.


@InterAction_studios The date on which the game will be released.
What do you mean by that?

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the hype its killing me


Man we are all dead by the hype


At least the problems are solved and u are back on track with development, keep up!

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hey IA are you planning to do a teaser 2 for CIU?:thinking:

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They’ve said earlier that it might happen after early access starts.

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The date when the game is done and released.

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Nice to see an update, I can’t wait to see it.

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Me too and i can’t wait

You said “Early access in September”(no pressure obviously). I still waiting for game and i will be happy when you will release it but do not make it a Geometry Dash if you know what i mean :slight_smile:


I think it will be released somewhere in November, or December, or Q1 2019 I guess…

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I think we’re getting closer and closer to the game. Take your time InterAction, we all can wait(or at least me and some other few people)

@InterAction_studios Is it problem to post this here? Tell me if it is.

I found this recently. But i dont understand greek laungage.
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It’s a video from their conference where they talked about the history of their company, and the (then upcoming) fourth episode of Chicken Invaders. The only interesting thing they mentioned here was that the Henterprise was planned to be a boss in CI4, but it was cut.


Yes, when i heard this thing about the Henterprise i guess that’s them.

List is down to 384 items.

Now don’t get too excited, that was just the low-hanging fruit :poultry_leg:. Don’t expect us to be able to keep fixing things at the same rate :sweat: