Plan Update #04


Greetings, recruits!


Nothing, sadly :frowning: Severe (and still ongoing) illness in the past week has slowed development down to a crawl. We hope to be able to be back to 100% performance by next weekend, but sadly microbes are not under our full control yet :slight_smile:


When it’s done, still. Due to recent events we have fallen behind schedule. We’re doing our best to still make it sometime by the end of September, but it’s looking increasingly improbable. Some features will probably need to be cut (postponed) in order to hasten the release date. We’ll see.

Sorry, guys :cry: . We really are doing our best. We’ll keep you posted.

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@InterAction_studios It’s ok! I’m still love you!


It’s ok, keep going :slight_smile:


Whatever we wait at the end will certainly be worth it :sunglasses:


With all due respect to the Academy supervisors, I can’t allow you to cut corners for the sake of early release. None of us can. If staff members are enduring illnesses, give them the time off and WAIT. I’m perfectly fine waiting until CHRISTMAS for the first tech demo, just DON’T CUT ANY CONTENT.

Rushing something out is one of the worst things you can do to a game. It happened with Sonic Forces due to poorly-spent time, it happened with No Man’s Sky after countless pressure and death threats, it shouldn’t happen to the best Indie game series ever.

We will wait. All of us will wait. But DON’T CUT THE CONTENT.


Don’t worry, is ok. :slight_smile: I hope you recover as soon as possible. :slight_smile:


Even if they cut content, it’s not out of game completly, it just won’t be in first demo. It will all still be in final game.


you don’t have to work so hard at the game, just get some rest and when you will feel better then you can keep working on the game, this franchise was part of everyone’s childhood that are on this forum and we wouldn’t want it to be rushed. take your time and get well soon!


Aw, best wishes of getting better! Sickness really sucks, and don’t worry about the release. Just take as long as you need and don’t rush. I can wait :heart:


It’s okay. Don’t worry. I think that The Game will be the best recompensation for this


At least lets hope to see Teaser 2 this month.


It’s alright :smiley: you don’t need to rush it till the end of September, we understand that unexpected things occur that slow the development. I just hope that all of the InterAction members will be alright :smiley:


It’s Ok, Keep going.
I wish get early access to the new version as i did in last version :smiley:


@ InterAction_studios It’s ok. I hope you are better now, and wish you the best with the development of the game. Keep it up! :+1:


Hope you will be good soon! Eat garlic, drink tea with honey :slight_smile: We will wait :slight_smile:

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