Plan Update #01


I’m looking forward to this. I really enjoy all of the Chicken Invaders games. This is going to be fun. :grin:


Dear @InterAction_studios I live in Iran. Can I pay with my country monetary unit? If not, so how can I buy the game?


Hello Im thinking of my weapon


There is no need to tell him directly, as he will moſt certainly have gotten alerts for your thread.
As he ſaid in the Plan Update #03,

I’m pretty ſure the moſt effective way to get you ideas into the game is to come up with ſome really good ones (you can read what they’re looking for in the Plan Update #02) and hope for the beſt, rather than peſtering InterAction Studios until they give in.

Chicken invaders universe ideas

Sounds pretty good, i never imagined Chicken Invaders like this.
Good Work IA Team! :slight_smile:


I think that there should be a way to track your progress using another email, but only if you switch
to that other email (for reasons like getting your email stolen, or someone stalking you, or other reasons).