Piggly Easter Egg

Do you remember that?
Piggly can appear in CIU as an Easter Egg by flying through the screen.

Can also fly from the right.

It is a bit weaker than the alien container. After breaking, a dozen large coins should fall out.
Greetings Recruits!


Does that mean there would be an endless supply of Mrs. Pigglys in the galaxy



Let’s say Piggly only spawns in Chicken Invasion and very rare for example 2% chance to spawn. This is supposed to be an Easter Egg so the chances must be minimal :wink:.


I Was Playing Everyday and I was never found it
And how did you find it
And Is this Real or just Edit

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This is an idea, please read it again carefully.

Since it’s a piggy bank, I agree to 3 to 5 keys.(above it is too much)

Correct, even when the chances are minimal.

For now, let’s focus on this one, there aren’t many other easter eggs.


Ok,You’re Right I just don’t know

Maybe a bunch of keys should drop too

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Banned in competitive missions

Honestly, I agree this would be a great idea for CIU.
And maybe, we should like, imagine new easter eggs for CIU.

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That’s a very good idea. I like this because if this: Non-Chicken Invaders content in CIU

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