Non-Chicken Invaders content in CIU


Will be Non-Chicken Invaders content on CIU? I mean content of CEC, IW, PIG, SV, LC, BT, RW, etc. Like houses, islands, sweets, smileys, trains, tanks, radars, etc. I mean that if will it be available if you can enter on planets. I really liked entering planets in CI5 and galaxies on CI4, and I really like also the other games (mostly Christmas Eve Crisis and Piggly). I will update this soon with images of the idea.


Why would they add that?


I like your idea.It would be dub “The InterAction Universe”.

A neat way to link all of InterAction past games to the current one, like the easter egg in Chicken Invaders The Next Wave.


Just minor Easter-egg cross-referencing, like the chickens that show up from time to time in Piggly. Why not?


I guess it would be fine if it’s not overdone.

In that case, the angry sun from Radar Wars Gold should return.


makes since to add island wars weapons in the game