Non-Chicken Invaders content in CIU


Will be Non-Chicken Invaders content on CIU? I mean content of CEC, IW, PIG, SV, LC, BT, RW, etc. Like houses, islands, sweets, smileys, trains, tanks, radars, etc. I mean that if will it be available if you can enter on planets. I really liked entering planets in CI5 and galaxies on CI4, and I really like also the other games (mostly Christmas Eve Crisis and Piggly). I will update this soon with images of the idea.


Why would they add that?


I like your idea.It would be dub “The InterAction Universe”.

A neat way to link all of InterAction past games to the current one, like the easter egg in Chicken Invaders The Next Wave.


Just minor Easter-egg cross-referencing, like the chickens that show up from time to time in Piggly. Why not?


I guess it would be fine if it’s not overdone.

In that case, the angry sun from Radar Wars Gold should return.