Perks: Remastered

“Recruits could change the elements and the heat of the battlefield by their perks. This way, recruit could fly the mission more efficiently or more profit for themselves.”

Perks are equipments that affect your gameplay weather makes you profit, improve your efficiency, making the game easier/harder. They can be bought at heroes academy.

All perks have their positive and negative, some affect your gameplay, some affect your outcome. Keep in mind that competitive missions will ban perks for a reason.

List of my perks, iA will add his own perk into the game/modify and balance if this get accepted:

Outcome-affecting perks: these perks are similar to skills, it’ll affect your outcome with fair trade. Well, almost all of them.

  • Regularly Normal increase points and key outcome by 5%, this is the default perk, price: 1 key.

  • Silver Quality increase points and key outcome by 18%, enemies take 10% less damage, price: 369 keys.

  • Golden Boss increase points outcome by 10%, key outcome by 35%, enemies take 20% less damage, all bosses have 10% buffed health, 512 keys.

  • Diamond Hearted increase points and key outcome by 50%, enemies take 35% less damage, all bosses have 40% buffed health, 777 keys.

  • Ultimate Precision cone of auto-lock weapons increased, grazing zone for meteor storm increased, your hitbox now shown when hold the precision key, Marksman medal requires 99% accuracy, enemy projectile speed +50%. 1222 keys.

  • Disastrously Greed Increase key outcome by 100% (only 60% for key rush), keys appear even more often (no effect in key rush), -40% points outcome, 999 keys.

  • Generously Poor Increase total points outcome by 150%, SSH skill premium is 300%, reduce key outcome by 75%, keys appear less often, food also appear less often, 888 keys.

  • Ironman Spirit Increase points and key outcome by 99%, Projectile speed increased by 90%, Double Team have a chance to replace a boss wave in that mission, free for CHL players, 7500 for normal players.

Trigger Perks: these perks won’t affect your outcome or change anything in the gameplay mechanics but it triggers your power when met the requirements. Note yourself that most of the perks below are just “you need to die”.

  • Angel of Death release a small, holy explosion upon death, the explosion does not slowly expand but instant. It has a range of bird-flu gun. Stacking this with the poultry payback will double the damage for both, 1666 keys.

  • Deathbomb when you get hit by a projectile and you have a special weapon, the game will pause for a split second for you to activate your super weapon, escaping death. However, it’ll consume 2 of your supers (will consume one if you only have 1 left), 1234 keys.

  • Hyper-pre-death after you get hit by a projectile, your weapon will temporarily max out and cannot overheat (boron railgun will have the most damage fp at that moment) and have a 20% damage boost, you’ll render immortal. After 10 seconds, you’ll die, 1555 keys.

  • Enrage Your weapon damage and speed will increase by 25% for that wave after death, 1800 keys.

  • Special Efficiency Your super weapon efficiency will be doubled (damage increased by 100%, s.weapon time will be doubled), 2000 keys.

phew, another remastered done. Don’t try to harm my mental, it won’t work but use constructive criticism instead. Thank.


Reminds me of the Scoring unlockables from CI5,
I think they were already mentioned as planned for future updates


quit making references of me you plonker

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Was the reference word, mental? Lols

nah, I don’t like that and maybe IA will think like me too

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