Badges & Emblems

“Badges for everyone!”

Yet another big idea that change the game. Badges are items that change and add game another layer of cosmetic. They can be installed into your spacecraft as emblem or equip it into your callsign to flex.


Badges can be obtain in many ways. You can get them by purchasing, complete some task or achieve a milestone. Note that some require you to get the CHL to get it.


If you have a badge, you can choose either show or hide it. This means you can hide them so others can’t see the badges you have. Or show it all to flex on them.


Badges here you think are just cosmetic and award for something you just did. However they can also be emblems for spacecraft to make stuff crazier, like Perks.

Emblems can be obtained or bought from the store. Sometimes when you deal with a shady dealer, if you’re lucky, they’ll sell a spacecraft with emblems pre-installed into it.

To install an emblem, there’s a slot for you to install emblem to that spacecraft. However, ejecting the emblem to replace cost keys.

Note: Competitive missions ban emblems but sometimes, they lock on a certain emblem.


This is where the fun begins. These are the badges I’ve made. The badge are devided to 2 categories. I also made this template for you guys to make your own badge.


Obtainable: These badges are obtainable badges. No need to pay to get, just complete a milestone or something to get it.

Frosty Badge: obtainable by completing 999 Frozen hard missions

  • Frozen mission points +25%
  • Frozen key bonus +10%

Coolness Badge: Obtain by collecting 10000 ice man coolness medals

  • +50% Heat Capacity
  • 25% Chance of no consuming coolant canister when used

Max Badge: Obtain by reaching tier 99

  • +20% Score Bonus

Wealth Badge: Obtain by completing all 50 key rush missions s

  • +22% Key bonus

Hero Badge: Obtain by completing all types of missions on SSH >100% difficulty

  • +175% Score bonus
  • +50% Key bonus
  • +40% Extra Difficulty

Peck Badge: Obtain by performing 1000 pecking order with 7 chickens or above

  • Triples Pecking Order score
  • 10 chickens or more pecking will Quadruple the score instead.

Combo Badge: Obtain by performing 2500 multi-kill with 60 kills or more.

  • Doubles Multi-kill bonus
  • Value increase every 5 chickens

Universal Grandmaster badge: Obtain by winning an Ironman Competition. (@Francis)

  • +100% Difficulty
  • +400% Score Bonus
  • +100% Bullet Speed
  • Massively Improved Key Drop Rate

Untouchable Badge: Obtained by having a total of 1,000 “Greatest Chicken Hunter of All Time” Medals, and 3,000 “Hard-Boiled Certificate of Merit” Medals. (@OneWingLunarian)

  • Hitbox Size reduced by 10%.

Greedy Badge: Obtained by having a total of 1,000 “Distinguished Green Greed Cross” Medals, 3,000 “Medal of Great Appetite Achievement” Medals, and 1,000 “Medal of Extreme Appetite Achievement” Medals. (@OneWingLunarian)

  • Your ship collects items in a slightly bigger range, similar to equipping one appetite attractor. (Not applicable to Competitive Missions)

Hazard Badge : Obtained by losing a total of 6,666 lives. (@OneWingLunarian)

  • Upon the destruction of your spacecraft, there is a 20% chance it will release a Poultry Payback shockwave. (does not apply in Competitive Missions)

Homicidal Badge: Obtained by killing a total of 2,000,000 chicken in total, AND obtaining 2,000 “Chicken Hunter Medal of Excellence” Medals in total. (@OneWingLunarian)

  • Increases your ship’s speed in Massive Environments, like you equipped two jets. (Not applicable to Competitive Missions)

Volatile Badge: Obtained by overheating a total of 10,000 times in your entire career. (@OneWingLunarian)

  • +30% Overheat Rate. (That means you overheat faster.)
  • +15% Damage Output.

Your Badge:

Purchasable: These badges can be bought in Heroes Academy. However, the emblems are limited but the badge is permanent. Means buying them once means the badge is yours forever.

Damage Badge: 500🔑/Use. 2500🔑 for badge.

  • Increase all damage output by 20%, Damage amplifier x5 the damage.

Weak Badge: 450🔑/Use. 2500🔑 for badge.

  • Ignores enemy’s weapon type resistance
  • Enemies weak against your weapon do 40% more damage

Dragon Badge: 666🔑/Use. 5000🔑 for badge.

  • All weapons receive a small AoE, indicated by bigger flash, dealing 10% of damage and weaker if further
  • Plasma rifle AoE size increased by 15%

Rage Badge: 444🔑/Use. 4000🔑 for badge.

  • After dying, all weapons damage increased by 40% (10% for bosses) in that wave.

Guardian Badge: 600🔑 for Decorative. 6000 for Perk Badge. (@OneWingLunarian)

  • Your respawn invulnerability lasts 2 extra seconds. (Does not apply to Competitive Missions.)

Your Badge:

???: ???

Licensed Badge: Obtain by buying Chicken Hunter License.

  • 10% Key bonus
  • Customizable Badge
  • Supporting Dev


  1. Who have a badge and used on a mission, that badge will be shown on the leaderboard.

  2. Dragon Badge looks like killer beans pistols.

  3. Damage Emblem is also known as “Fire Emblem” but copyright

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@RamonTokus Writing, illustrations, etc.

@ThisIsChristianF, @Desea screenshot


Try to make the badge as balanced as possible.

  • Obtainables: try to make this badge as a reward for completing a milestone. Make it require long time or hard to obtain.

  • Purchasables: There are 2 types. Limited and Permanent. Try make limited one under 1000🔑 while the permanent one cost like 5000🔑 or higher because limited does not have badge and only last for 3 days while the permanent bundled with a badge.


Can you add a “Yes, but…” option to the poll?
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Wiki mode activated. You can now

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  2. Rebalance existing ones

  3. Fix bad shit

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Can I ask what the hell are these locks?

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Remind me of A Hat in Time badges

the badges should be designed to match the game’s style but ok

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