Perishable limit & other changes


I guess you’re wondering why you’ve killed every enemy on screen, stacked up large kill combos, collected every food and powerup possible with your Müller and decent reflexing skills but still losing against an average BX user. Here’s a hint: A category of mountables which rarely appear in patch notes. Still haven’t figured out the answer? It’s perishables!

“I never use those before, can you explain why?”

The main problem is that BXs can get huge benefits just from perishables. H&Cs and Müllers only need a few Maneuvering Jets for a high movement speed in massive environment, while it’s possible for BXs to reach that same speed with all 10 equipped. Combine this with Appetite Attractor + extended firepower and you have a frigging black hole. This makes BXs too easy to use, hence favored in almost every event.

“So what’s your solution to nerf this broken type of spacecraft without affecting the others?”

Currently there’s no limit of how many perishables you can use in a mission, so creating one is the most simple solution for this problem.

When you click “Fly mission”, a perishable selection screen will appear. You can only mount perishables on the slots. Up to 5 perishables can be used per mission.

After you’re done, click “Next”. From this point things are the same as usual, but you can’t find any perishable on the item list.


Although the solution above can help balancing BXs, some items are still unbalance in different ways. Below are some suggestions that will, hopefully, make this game more challenging and less money-based:

Max. Maneuvering Jets equipped: 10 → 5.
Max. Bullet Spray Expander equipped: 8 → 4.
Appetite Attractor:
:arrow_down: Increase collecting radius by 2px/ item equipped (instead of 1/6 of spacecraft’s hitbox).
:heavy_dollar_sign: Base cost reduce from 33x3 to 20x3
Eggular Repulsor:
:arrow_down: Decrease hitbox by 2px/ item equipped (instead of 1/6 of spacecraft’s hitbox).
:heavy_dollar_sign: Base cost reduce from 37x3 to 16x3
Invulnerability Extension:
:arrow_down: I-frame lasts longer for 2s (instead of 3s) per item equipped.
:heavy_dollar_sign: Base cost reduce from 28x6 to 23x3
Coolant Canister: Rework “Stackable” feature (can still be placed in any number of slots, but only 1 item can be placed in each slot).

If you wanna request some changes, write a feedback down below.
:warning: Any feedback that related to COPIUM will be ignored.


How is 2s longer than 3s? Anyways if you’re nerfing it down to 2 seconds, well idk why you’d do that if the item is already not that useful compared to other stuff.

What does this mean? Only one slot can have coolants? That sounds extremely unnecessary if it is the case.

Unless something has been changed during my time away, I believe expanders currently can be equipped in a maximum of 10 slots.

I am also confused by the wording of appetite attractor and egg repulsor changes. I thought it meant that instead of doing whatever their stats are now, their effects are both nerfed to 2px per item. But you say attractor gets increased radius while repulsors has decreased radius so I am a little confused. Does this mean you want to buff attractors and nerf repulsors? If not, then please make the wording consistent. It sounds like a nitpick but it’s confusing.
Edit: ok nvm apparently the expanders thing is just another change I missed while I was away because fml


Interesting, but… the following:

I guess that’s acceptable?

You’ll have to lower their prices too if you’re going to decrease their efficacy.

I assume you mean the extension is reduced from 3 seconds to 2 seconds, which would be fine, but reduce the cost.

are you sure about this
This means you’ll only be able to bring a max of 3 coolants. (1 slot of them)

Honestly, all these changes are catered only towards Bombers with no thought for the Fighters/Superiorities at all. Some of said changes could cripple a Muller even further. You might want to revise some of these changes.


Said perishable prolong the I-frame for 2s instead of 3s (per item).

Yes. I usually bring 15 of them but end up using only 2 or 3 if I used a Müller (even none with BX). Besides, if the first idea gets added, you will have more slots to put them in coz perishables can no longer be mounted on those slots.

That’s exactly what I wanted to say.

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Will do it later.

It’s not a perishable.

These changes do slightly affect those two types of spacecraft (in terms of skill requirements to master them). The main goal is to make every type of spacecraft has its own advantage in different mission types and require more skills to be a top player.

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As a main-Muller user, I nearly accept all your idea about rebalancing, except for this thing. In my opinion, the max number of coolants stacked should be from 5 to 8.

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What were you trying to refer to? Coolants can only be stacked up to 3 item per slot.

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I meant 5 to 8 slots

Sir, this is an auto-use item, not a perishable.

Ikr, but removing stackable feature of coolant is way making it too hard in hot environment(not for you, but the majority of CIU players). So 5-8 slots for maximum is okay ;-; I think

Added cost changes as a compensation & edited parts that may cause confusion. I will be taking & answering feedbacks for a few more days.

And don’t ask me why I’m not online for more than a week.

In my opinion, we should increase cost of equipment more than doing that (like your suggestions). This will cause BX become “waste”.

However, i still agree some your opinion here.

Wish i have free time to do my topic like your about this but follow to my opinion

This will not do anything other than making people either grind more or buy keys with real money more.

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That’s not problem. Increase cost will reduce mostly player who plays and buys too much

And about “Rich people”, we can try increasing cost of money to buy keys

It’ll certainly prevent players who don’t play the game all day from competing, while those who do would be basically unaffected. Is that really what you want?

perishables has always been used regardless of price, nor why should it cost more, either you buy them or you don’t. It’ll just make people have a harder time grinding keys, and it’s not a problem if you grind enough

i mean, take the cup as example, it’s very unlikely to win galactic cup thanks to not using perishables, so as a double-edged sword, you’re (nearly) forced to buy and use them when you progress further, if you’re trying to, win


I have a plan to nerf the efficiency of some grinding methods (one of them is highly unexpected) so your idea isn’t necessary.

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I see, just my opinion.

I guess people don’t have any other question so…

@InterAction_studios Have you checked this topic? If yes, will this (or smth similar) be added?

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So your suggestion is to have separate slots for Perishables and separate for all other mountables? That seems like a sideways change to me rather than an improvement. In any case, I wouldn’t even consider such an important change without a poll.

I’m not certain whether this is actually true. During the update tomorrow (actually this v.115 update will reset some stats, so I’ll have to wait for the v.116 update), I’ll perform a statistical analysis to see if there’s any merit to it.