PC requirements for CIU?

Hi there! I wonder, what will be the PC requirements for CIU? I’m not asking for something precise, just for a little info what CIU will require the least, a powerful gaming PC or just a normal desk computer? Thanks!


Windows XP (With Framework 3,5 or Higher),

Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 10

VIDEO CARD: Minimum 8GB, Suggested 16GB

PC RAM: Minimum 32GB, Suggested 64GB

PROCESSOR: QUAD CORE Minimum I7 2.7 GHz ,Suggested I9 8 CORE 5.00 GHz


Ma ne ſai qualcoſa veramente, o ci ſtai pia’ per il culo?

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i think that a normal PC would be more than enough!!!

so relax it’s not gonna be a “heavy” game!!! …
and wait for it!!!


To be fair, the queſtion was a tad ridiculous…

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Alright, why do you feel the need to post many emojis?

We don’t expect the requirements for CIU to be significantly different than for previous episodes. Maybe you’ll need 1GB of RAM instead of 512MB, but that’s about it. You certainly won’t need a better graphics card. CIU runs on OpenGL 1.1, which was first released in 1997. But that’s a story for another day :wink:


Sooo, how’s the development goin’?


Thanks for the response, IA! :grin:

Will the game requires a megabytes on hard drive?

Yeah, significantly more than previous episodes. We’re looking at ~250MB at launch (uncompressed) and at least another 100MB in content updates during the first couple of months.


But these very heavy games with those characteristics will be somewhere in 203X AD…
(X - the unknown number of the year)

Um, will the game compatible for Windows 98, 2000, ME, Windows XP and Windows Vista?

How dare you bump this old topic

Uh oh I don’t know

CIU is the first game that isn’t available on windows XP, about vista, idk, i think you can play it on vista

I wiſh I had XP. Except for the lack of ſupport.