Only players for weapons and power on multiplayer

Here for the idea Do you think you play multi-players and take all the power and weapons too for this I gave an idea to take every one color especially for players and not any one and we will not judge any one takes anything from someone else

What do you think about the idea?

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Yeah, if keys have been redesigned to be dropped separately for each player, why can’t that be applied to ALL drops? However except for keys and food, everything else can still be dropped after the player has lost all lives.


This is true, but 50% take food and 50% do not take food sometimes


Hey guys did you think this idea or not

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Yeah man, everyone in the room would be happy to recieve their own firepowers instead of stealing them. Just like keys

I don’t know… Although it prevents stealing, it can be overpowered, it may speed up the process of getting to max power, not to mention the number of firepowers and gifts showing up also depends on the number of players in a room.

also everyone can attack at the same time, it would be kinda overpowered for the whole room to have :zap: 20

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But you take as much as you want, in disagreement with it, that you add players to a maximum of 6 or 7. Is this true? And they want
Firepower to quickly take on a mission

I don’t think this idea works that way

@InterAction_studios is this good idea

@InterAction_studios can you add this idea

No need to do that, if iA accepted right now, iA would have replied already.

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Okey nevermind :blush:

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