Early Access version 103

a bit of logic
Can you make the darkness environment glow every time lightning strikes :slight_smile:


This is already a feature?

Changed in v.104 :medal_sports: Idea . I’ve also made them more consistent (they are longer now, which might cause spacing problems with translations)

That’s how it originally was, but “Daily Challenge” and “Weekly Challenge” looked too similar visually.

Changed in v.104

Not easily, because the server doesn’t even transmit info for already-completed cup matches. I fail to see the benefit of showing this. What do you mean by “easier comparison”?

I’ve made mass more accurate, but classification is still not going to be perfect. Changed in v.104 :medal_sports: Idea

This already happens.


Can you make it so that someone else’s keys are shown, but they will be highlighted by the color of the player’s shield?

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Can we have the assassin chick’s appearance changed a bit? maybe the band color, cuz they’re mostly indestinguishable from normal ninja chicks (I know they’re flipped btw) in more crowded waves, this got me killed countless times…

(skill issue spam incoming)

Okey @InterAction_studios What about this topic

For example (everything after this are examples), in the same day Cup Group Match, I have to play against Francis and Cata303. The first mission displayed, I play against Francis in a Comet Chase 2x7 with lightning environment, while the second mission I play against Cata303 in a Chicken Invasion 4x7 with no environment.

Early in the day, I play both missions first. Later in the day, I check in and see that I lost to Francis with the score of +90.0 / +100.0 while Cata303 still hasn’t played. So the benefit of this is I don’t have to remember which mission I lost on, the mission type is displayed so that I know and I can practice that type (Comet Chase) and that environment later (lightning).

I’m not sure if this displaying is too hard to do, but you could just do the same as Cup Qualification Match, the mission info is still shown no matter how many times you have played it.

can we hide the zone mark in Ironman competition because of the professionalism and difficulty of that challenge
note that the Ironman competition is much harder than the 100% (+40%) difficulty mission.

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I don’t think removing safe zones whould affect difficulty at all, yes, ironman is supposed to be super hard, but removing zones will just add a bit of memory to the mission instead but it whouldn’t make the whole mission harder in anyway, besides that most of the people who tries that mission whouldn’t have many troubles to remember the patern of the waves.


I assume that CHL owners have already memorized almost all waves so that isn’t going to affect anything at all.

@InterAction_studios what if I say no

IA Can you add head this chicken in some bosses (show’em who’s boss) and this is her egg

my callsign is أنس وائل :+1:
and can you add ninja chick ?


Bring back the first ever absolver beam charge/fire sound because it sounds cool

  • Yes
  • No

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Already suggested

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hundreds of times.

Okay Can IA add It

When its time to add new bosses

sample pls

He said that the next boss will either be Ninja Chick, or a forum suggestion

So IA adds one boss at a time?