Og private servers

i really miss good old days od ciu so maybe ia could idk make private server with old version

Could you elaborate it?

I’m going to talk as if this is going to be added.

That’d sure be nice. But sadly that’d cost a lot for InterAction Studios, even if joining was paid.

And in case it’s made to be a part of the main server, well that’d also weaken the performance of the server.

Plus, in order to do that, iA may need to change the code of older versions, so they can connect to the server properly.

Therefore it’s futile to spend all that effort so older unstable versions can join the game.

There was a more serious topic for that earlier: Test server, which iA responded for. Making a server useful for, well, catching cheats and debugging easily is a bad idea, therefore having a server made for older versions would be pretty futile.

Make a whole server just so Early access versions or older releases can still play.


If only there was some gameplay invention that would make it possible to play without the server. You could then install any version you want and play on your device. But is such a thing even possible to develop?

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