⚠ Off-topic category is now closed

Due to recent abuse, the off-topic category is now closed. Please do not create new topics in that category. You may continue to use existing topics (if any). You may also voice your opinion in the poll below:

  • Off-topic category should remain closed
  • Off-topic category should be re-opened

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What about the offending users? Will something be done with them?


At this point the forum is just being flooded with useless topics. It’s better if it remains closed


I think the off-topic category should be replaced by “Fun and Games”, where users can discuss about the game otherwise, but not necessarily reporting bugs and suggest ideas (like the meme topic).

But don’t describe it as “Anything not related to Chicken Invaders”, should be “a place to hangout outside of Chicken Invaders Universe” or something.


To be honest, this decision is a perfect one, because people can just create new topics in other categories or at least stop annoying us. Just create a new category and it will all be fine. We don’t need drama in this otherwise amazing forum regardless of the situation.


the off topic is fun and its should be reopened but more secure or something , that the entire fun of the forum

Make a new category named: Jokes

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It’s not a playground


No. I actually think we have more than enough categories.


i think you are kinda right , but what will replace off topic

It will be replaced with Off-topic (jk)

I want it closed definitely and never open again. This forum should be a place where we help IA with improving the game and by making off-topic posts we just add them not needed amount of moderating the forum.

Meme topic was decided to be not categorized when there was drama with my old meme topic so it can stay, but only CI related memes and no spam. Maybe 1 meme from 1 person with 7 days limit.


No. I actually think we have more than enough categories.

To explain this quote, we won’t replace it. It will remain closed indefinitely.

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1 day limit should be better for @anon48763505 because he like posting memes

Preferences are intolerable.

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I post them on the meme topic

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I know

second though : yeah off topic is very messy indeed

If a off-topic is closed, it’s @sicklemode.
Who just posted non-music on my music continuation topic.

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It’s not really that fun.

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