⚠ Off-topic category is now closed

totally not me
im just good ol kirby

Are you sure about that?

No doubt that you three (@sicklemode, @trueuser and @anon48763505) are astoundingly annoying at this very moment.


No you did.
I know you reply an off-topic video.

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list me out of that , im not annoying

You are because you collected the infinity off-topic and we have nothing to post

You’re annoying.
They won’t list you out.

I’m sure that the others would have largely the same opinion, but we’re getting off-topic as usual, and speaking of which, it shall remain closed.


It’s the world’s milk and It’s not milk at all, it’s a category

You’re right


ok i think off topic is very messy because of the milk rampage and its should be closed forever

So all off-topic will be deleted or move to no catgory?

It’s very messy due to a huge drama that occurred three days ago revolving around a person’s eternal rejection, milk has nothing to do with the off-topic enclosure, it’s just Pacman being Pacman as he doesn’t know how to truly live a life.


You’re right.

mmm what he been doin’

I just write milk and I edited it

wait that illegal

then say something about games, not ugly drama.

not sure

And you had to spam the hell out of this topic, too, didn’t you?