NPC: Henry's Clothing Market (Chicken Skin Merchant)

But do not worry. We can. Get a very small number with a hunter’s license.

Well I want every single player to get the full experience regarding Henry’s shop, that means:

  • Every Hat/Outfit will be unlockable by every player, which means even free to play players who don’t have the license can get them.
  • Everyone should also have full access to the collection road and its rewards.

Great . It was a good idea. Do you or I want to go and tell Interaction Studios to leave this idea in the next eternity?

in the next update?

Did you tell Interaction Studios to leave this feature in the next eternity?

As it’s purely cosmetic, I think having a few CHL-exclusives won’t hurt.


not bad .

Yes, because iA needs money.

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ok . guys this good idea ? ( the pidgey + my idea)

the pidgey

I also go to PIDGEY

I am confused


why ??

I just said I agree with you.

In addition . Do you want to tell my idea or yours to Interaction Stadium ???

Please stop sending separate replies. It’s flooding the topic. Also do what you want.

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ok sorry .



don’t spam next time

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i have interaction bread in my arsenal