Not allowing some names

Not allowing some words included names would be cool. Like
Hitler, hilter, 69, swastica, racist words… Interaction etc.

I’m against censorship. Ever heard of Streisand effect?

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Yeah, that would be a good idea in theory, although hard to implement perfectly. The trouble is that if you diſallow theſe in the middle of names, you run into problems with over-filtering. Conſider theſe two potential perfectly valid uſernames:


Both would be blocked deſpite beïng innocent, and ultimately people wanting to have a ſwear word in their uſername will find a way to do ſo, whether it requires a ſubſtitute letter, or whatever elſe. I don’t think this would be particularly helpful.

Umm no, if someone wants to be called Hitler69, then let him be called Hitler 69.

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Stay in your joke topic.

This is a complex issue. We don’t want to censor callsigns, but we also can’t let people choose whatever they want without restriction (because your callsign is visible to other players so it affects them, and also because you might be increasing the game’s age rating).

So I think this will be handled as follows: The terms of use of the game will specify that your callsign (and anything else you enter yourself, such as your spacecraft names or your squadron names) must not be offensive, objectionable, sexual, etc. This will be coupled with a mechanism to report offensive callsigns from within the game. If enough people complain, your callsign will be removed (or at least, made invisible to other players).


Only finds out sex, lists words includes sex inside and detects is it means good or bad.

Another angry customer spotted.

Short memory you have sweetheart :kissing_heart:

Who are you mr blackhole?

We know that Chicken Invaders is pretty open for the young. What I say is for the kiddies’ parents could turn on a filter manually. It would star (*) out any names the system deems offensive. That’s why it’s opt in rather than opt out. This system might be useful to some people.

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May be

Electronic arts, to your topic please. Thanks.

You can’t kick us from our own forum.

I can and I am.

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