New weapon idea: The Blade

idk if it was already suggested, but i got an idea for a new weapon called The Blade
if you have that weapon and you press left click the ship will swing a sword blade from left to right and will alternate between the directions everytime you left click (similar to the flying sections in Nier Automata, if i remember correctly), and the weapon will do a high amount of damage, but since its a melee-like weapon you will have to get close to the enemies, making it a high risk high reward weapon

and its also going be a special weapon like the absolver beam so the double left click (the overdrive and that other thingy that can be charged) items don’t affect it, just like the absolver beam

then again if this was already suggested i apologize, but yeah

Similar but yes, it was suggested before:
Light Saber Weapon Idea by 4-FX

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huh… F***



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