New weapon: Icicle rifle/Icicle gun

“Let them chill with this gun…”

Icicle rifle is a weapon that shoot icicles. It has high fire rate, it has two patterns and it spreads. However, it has a low damage but it has the ability to make them cold.

Shooting patterns:

It has two patterns

0fp: One small projectile, one medium projectile

1fp: Three small - one medium

2fp: three small - one large and two medium

3fp: three medium - one large two medium

4fp: three medium, two small - one large, two medium

5fp: 5 medium - 1 large, 4 medium

6fp: 5 medium - 3 large, 2 medium

7fp: 5 medium - 5 large

8fp: 5 medium - 5 large, 2 medium

9fp: 7 medium - 5 large, 2 medium

10fp: 7 medium - 5 large, 4 medium

Max power: same as 10fp, faster firerate.

Projectile damage:

Small: 50 damge
Medium: 75 damage
Large: 125 damage

Unique effect:

When hit a chicken, it has a chance to chill/freeze them, slowing down their movements and preventing them from firing projectiles (not completely) for a short amount of time. This does not affect bosses, UCOs, metal enemies, barriers,…

I can tell what is this weapon based on.


Ice Blaster (Another idea)

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The thing is that weapons like these simply do not fit in a game with sci-fi themed guns that have a lot more to do with metal shards and energizing plasma rather than poison, freeze and the like.

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Where does Corn Shotgun fit in that?


We’d better wait until all weapons are balanced. Besides… we already have like 14 in the game, and shmups need no more than 5-6 usually to be perfectly honest. Still, the ones we have are distinctive enough, so that’s why I’d personally green-light them.

Also I can’t wait to see the Boron rework in-game


I smell 9

So it’s just a weaker and cooler sibling of Utensil?

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