New Weapon : Flame Burster

I got the newer version of this weapon to make it unique and not too powerful like this
New Weapon Implementation: Flamethrower
The weapon will

  • Overall Color gift: Orange (or yellow)
  • Ribbon color gift: Red (or orange). Sorry i can’t show the picture right now, but i will have picture later on
  • New Mechanic Weapon: DOT (Damage Over Time), when a chicken (or a group of chickens) got damaged from this weapon, will get burned, on power 1-20 increase the time on burned to 0.2s . So at lvl 1: the base time getting burned is 3 seconds, which mean the weapon at lvl 20 got 6.8 seconds burned to your chicken.
  • The Projectile of Chickens: it will destroy like the same on the BBQ , but with limited range, it makes the disadvantage for this weapon.
  • Base Damage, DPS, Overheat: Damage will be less than Riddler ( at 66 per 1 hit) so the weapon will be 33 base damage. Also the DPS is 25 hits/s.
    When :zap: 1-10 increase to 5~10 damage
    example: lvl 1 : 33 damage
    lvl 2: 38 damage
    lvl 3: 43 damage
    lvl 4 : 53 damage
    lvl 5: 58 damage
    lvl 6: 63 damage
    lvl 7: 68 damage
    lvl 8: 78 damage
    lvl 9: 83 damage
    lvl 10: 88 damage
    When at :zap: 11-20 : increase it to 15 damage per second per level ( make sure the damage is weaker at lower level)
    The overheat time : same mechanic as riddler but slightly faster

That’s my idea, hope you guys leave a feedback for it. Also i need a weapon desginer to help me to this :slight_smile:


Example for the weapon:

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I like it


it looks good !

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