New Weapon Implementation: Flamethrower

I’ve seen other games with a flamethrower - it makes for a good weapon idea.

The Flamethrower gift might look something like this.
I don’t have good art tools sorry
It has a high DPS.
Firerate: 25/s, overdrive: 37.5/s
Overheat time: 6.25% of the heat bar per second, 15% of the heat bar per second on overdrive.
Damage (in order from :zap:0-20):

The flamethrower’s range is short, but can damage several enemies at a time.
The range also increases over time.

I think this weapon would be a good addition to the Fire group.


We already have a Barbequer satellite, is this the same thing but turned into a weapon? I’m not sure if something so similar to an already existing feature would be fine in-game.
That overheat time (16 seconds) would and the DPS (37500 on max power???) sounds like it would be overpowered.


Ok, maybe reduce the damage by 30%.

Nope, even with that nerf, that weapon is still too simillar with Barbequer. I don’t think it’s good enough.

That’s still more than the best weapon there is now(positron, and that is with all its splits taken into account), and the overheat rate is still hella slow compared to other weapons.

Well you can replicate this with a barbequer on top of BX-7

Found a Key Rush…

Here’s the updated specs.

The range is much longer than the Barbecuer, as long as the Laser Cannon in CI5/4/3. Projectiles will be incinerated, but the flamethrower needs to be in contact with the projectile for 3 seconds. The projectile will slowly turn red as it heats up, and then disappears.
The weapon is unlocked after Tier 12.
It’s price is 150 keys in the galactic store, upgrading costs 150+x, where x is the upgrade level times 100

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I’d rather have a frost type weapon, that we don’t have.


Like Barbequer satellite,I think it’s not necessary

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This weapon is referred from “Air Strike 3D” game

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Impossible in 99% of the cases.

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You’re right… Higher difficulties = faster projectiles.
Projectiles will be incinerated in 1 second.

Umm… I think @Lumberjacck 's idea might be a good one.
I’ll add a new topic.

That gift color need to be re colored again,because it just look like laser cannon gift.

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