New weapon 1: Thunderstorm Railgun

I want a weapon with this feature:

  • Frist, its head is like a spearhead, its body is like a cannon, its tail is like a rocket’s tail
  • Second: Features of the bullet through the power-ups
  • Orbit and shooting method:
  • From power-ups 0 to power-ups 10: The number of bullets fired per shot is equal to the sum of 1 with the number of power-ups (s) available. The their orbits are straight lines
  • Power-ups 11 and higher: They as in power-ups 10, only difference is orbit and firing method are similar Utensil Poker
  • Color:
  • From power-ups 0 to power-ups 19: The bullet’s color is yellow
  • Power-ups 20 and higher: The bullet’s color is red

This is their pictures:


Not a bad idea in any way, but unless I’m misreading something (entirely possible, I sometimes do that lol) it’s not all that different compared to the other weapons. The yellow/red aesthetic is cool but a few people have expressed interest in seeing that added as an overheat mechanic to the Boron Railgun, I think galbatorix was the first to come up with the idea.

But welcome to the community! Your idea is still pretty cool and with some work it could become pretty unique too. Hope you continue to contribute! :wink:


good idea

Wait, would it be classified as electric or fire type?

is Solid Bullet.

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