New Wave: Support Beam

A simple block invasion wave but has the mechanic similar to that of the Demolition Crew wave where enemies continue to fall when something supporting them below is destroyed (in this case, the destructible barriers). Pecking Order starts from the barrier to the chicken upwards.

Hoping this wave gets added as well alongside the new waves. Inb4 someone says I’m begging.


Attack Formations Vibes.

Also, when they fall, do they leave the screen or do they stay?

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This wave idea looks kinda funny, if i destroy a barrier the chickens fall?


Yeah, the chickens above that destroyed barrier will slowly fall down.

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I think you should add Anomally zone In the left and right

My current wave tools don’t currently support this kind of mechanic, but I was able to create a wave (very) loosely inspired by this, so… added in v.110 :medal_sports: Idea


Aww, I guess. Gotta see how it’ll look like then.

Off-topic question, I’m wondering if Klaus can be made to shoot potions on a fixed place at fixed intervals just like how Pesters can be made to shoot periodically? This is for newer waves featuring them, if ever.

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Thanks for ADDED this :DD

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