Another 5 New Waves

Wave 1: The Birdhouse

  • 2 or 3 birdhouses will appear from the top with chickens on them. All the barriers will be indestructible so you can’t kill chickens while they’re in the birdhouses. Your only chance is to shoot them while travelling fast from house to another. Also the distance between birdhouses will be much bigger than in the image above.

Wave 2: Passing Through

  • 2 blackholes & 2 portals will appear at the left and right side. Portals will be moving similar to “Portal Gun” wave. One portal will spawn some enemies for about 5-6 secs and stop, then the other portal will do the same, this will happen for 6 times and then all will disappear and the wave ends. Now to blackholes: blackhole at the right will moving to grab enemies that come from portal at the left and blackhole at the left will grab enemies that come from portal at the right. If enemies enter the blackhole they will never appear again meaning you have lost this wave’s clean sweep bonus. Oh and it’s completely random for the 6 takes, like it’s not known which portal will spawn enemies, it could be left portal, then left, then left again, then right, then left, then right for example. It’s different every time you encounter the wave.

    From 100% difficulty, the wave will have a harder variant and its name will be “Cross Passing”. It’ll have 2 extra blackholes & barriers:

    • This time there will be only 4 takes but 2 portals will attack at the same time, there should be enough distance so you can have the time to deal with 2 portals(I know the example above doesn’t have much distance). And who still doesn’t know what the blue circles & arrows are, they’re anomalies, every blue circle & arrow in the waves below will also be anomalies.

Wave 3: Trapped!

  • I actually had this wave idea a few days before but didn’t want to post it alone. Safe Zone will appear at the bottom-middle(or just the middle) of the screen, then indestructible barriers will come from everywhere forming a circle around you. After that enemies will start appearing from everywhere. Barrier circle will be moving in a fixed movement around the screen but it will acts like if it’s random(because if it’s actually random you might get stuck for a long time over only 1 or 2 enemies). Also there will be more than one movement implemented for barrier circle and of course once you kill all enemies the barrier circle will disappear and the wave ends.

Wave 4: Barrier Crusher/The Crushing Machine

  • Although there are anomalies in this wave but player will turn automatically left\right before it starts to prevent cheesing the wave from the beginning. The two barrier crushers at top & bottom will act like Skewer from SMW. You have to destroy enemies+containers using anomalies. There are also another extra 2 sets of enemies, one on the left and one on the right, once you destroy a set the other extra set will come from left\right, don’t worry Gatling\Laserguns doesn’t have replaces so if you destroyed one other won’t appear to replace it. Oh and all barriers are indestructible except the cannon barrier so if you somehow managed to destroy barrier cannon(Absolver for example) its machine will immediately disappear. The big gray rectangle around the screen supposed to be indestructible barriers but was too lazy to actually add them.

Wave 5: Chicopter

  • Chickens made this new invention called “Chicopter”, similar to what we call “Helicopter”. There will be from 4 to 6 Chicopters depending on difficulty, 2 of them will chase you while others will move randomly left & right(they will go down but not much). The ones that chase will be moving left or right too(like a Lakitu). Once you kill the enemy inside the Chicopter 2 things will happen: The whole Chicopter will disappear(obviously) and a small group of the enemies above will break out of the barriers and move down to take revenge, there will be clean sweep so try destroying all enemies to get it. Other thing I didn’t add is that all the enemies on the top are bubbled, when a Chicopter is destroyed the bubbles will disappear from part of the enemies above and they will move down.

    I know this is similar to Fractorial’s Support Beam wave idea but I actually had this idea yesterday and I even finished almost all wave examples but didn’t post anything yesterday because wave 4 example wasn’t ready and there weren’t any wave instructions. Also electricity power keeps going out multiple times today so that was even more of a delay.

Finally, do you like the waves above? Well if you do please vote which ones are your favorite:

  • The Birdhouse
  • Passing Through
  • Trapped!
  • Barrier Crusher
  • Chicopter

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this is just “From Cover to Cover” with a different setup


Added in v.110 :medal_sports: Idea


Added in v.110 (loosely-based) :medal_sports: Idea


Added in v.110 :medal_sports: Idea


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