New Wave Suggestions (Part VI)

Missile Strike

Basic missile strike wave. Barrage of missile come from top left and top right of the screen arching to the bottom center.

Ballistic Missile Strike

Almost similar with the Missile Strike wave, but missiles come from bottom left/right of the screen arching up to the top center then arching down to the bottom opposite side. A barrier circle is placed at the bottom center of the screen although I used Earth on this one to achieve the ballistic theme. Player is positioned diagonally.

Missile Chase

Very similar to the Comet Chase wave but the player is positioned horizontally with missiles chasing behind. Missiles come in solo or groups of three.

Escape Velocity

Three barriers with a ring of indestructible barriers covering it spawns missiles that will spiral outwards.

Portal Rocket Launcher

Similar to the Portal Gun wave but it spawns missiles instead. These missiles will accelerate away rather than having a fixed speed. Firing rate is a bit faster as well.


A wave where rockers come from the bottom or the screen then arching up and down. Indestructible barriers are placed at the bottom to imitate the wave. Inspired from Island Wars torpedos.

We go Missile Invaders now. Hoping this is enough to warrant an additional of these missiles.

I still want this though

Missile Stike Mission Type

Other Waves:

1. Ferris Wheel

Chickens are grouped into carts that rotate alongside a giant wheel ala ferris wheel. The wheel barriers are indestructible but you can destroy the ones from the cart. Wheel rotation can be mirrored.

The ferris wheel as a whole:

The ferris wheel as encountered:

2. Centrifuge Chicken

Pair of chickens are spawned from barriers dropping through to the bottom part of the “test tube” barriers. These test tube groups swing from left to right then right to left and vice versa.


I like Escape Velocity and Torpedos. The other waves sounds too simple for me.


I prefer it to be simple though. But probably more complicated ones coming soon.


Yeah, why suffering in Comet Chases when we could have Missile Chases, lol?


Gonna edit this topic to be my New Wave Suggestion complilation… Bumping this whenever I came up with a new wave idea. I’ll probably modify the waves above to be more appealing. Added 2 new suggestions as of now

Goal: reach 50 wave suggestions until next year


NO, that would be BAD.

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