Missile Stike Mission Type

Remember those missile strikes on CI3, I would like like to adapt is as a mission type (similar on darkness mission).


  • Missiles spawn at a position whenever the player is facing at. On default it would be on the top side. It changes as the ship angle changes, like from anomalies.
  • These missiles will target the current player position where a danger zone will appear. Upon reaching the target, it will explode leaving a small AoE explosion.
  • The player can destroy the missile while at trajectory but will yield 0 points.
  • This a new mission type, so can expect these on massive environments, etc.

A simple yet appreciable idea. I want them CI3 missiles!
Also, I remember ya, you’ve made a lot of cool waves!

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i’m not sure if it would be interesting enough for players to play through up to 14 of these waves in a row


Actually, since OP compared them to darkness missions, I presume that this is a modifier that’s just applied to regular waves. Not a mission consisting of one specific wave like comet chases and meteor storms.


Thanks, I already had some waves in mind but will post them soon.

As GgWw said, it’s a wave modifier. Waves will appear normally but will added annoying missile strikes. That would also mean a new accompanying boss.

Added some pics on topic and edited some points.


Honestly, I think having it as a modifier is a bad idea. I feel that missiles should appear at higher difficulties in between waves, like lightning strikes, to break the flow of waves.

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Then missiles would have to not appear in specific scenarios, like in waves where you have pretty much no space to move.

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Yeah, they should have the same spawning conditions as lightning strikes.

There are conditions for them? What are they? Sorry, I just never heard of them before

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As far as I understand, they never strike at the current player position. Though banning missiles from certain waves is probably a better solution.

How is that supposed to work with repeatable lightning strikes in competitive missions though?

I made a statement loosely based on an anectodal observation and I did not expect to have to defend it. Anyway, I think the missiles shouldn’t spawn in waves where you have to stay in the middle.

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