New wave : chicken star

Orange dot : the hero
Red star : is the chickens
Black dot : is a mini-boss
arrows : are the directions the chicken are moving in
the red star is formed of 50 chicken or chicks or more
2020-05-18 17_48_49-New Bitmap Image - Windows Photo Viewer
Tell me your opinion about this wave


Well, we already have Whip Into Shape, which kinda does the trick

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Something like this?
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How bored are even you? You must be really like to write on forgotten topics, right?


Also, Why did you put this picture when there’s something already similar in OP’s post?

What’s that?

OP = Original Poster


I readed what exist a policity of Bumps :thinking:, it didn’t care if you are revelant to the Topic, its fine :+1:

I will give the link when I found it in the following Edit.

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Bro, he wrote in an absolutely forgotten topic!

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It says what the Topic was touched by samuel, but its revelant, so theres no problem and this reply was posted 10 minutes ago, and im trying to notice what theres no problem

And now, can join in topic?

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We all know it. But he did it erhmmm… TWICE in a day?

It didn’t care if him its going in topic

We had a simimar wave named Shape Shifters and if my memory serves me right, Chicken Geometry.

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