⚠ Topic bump policy

There is no such thing as a topic bump on this forum. Topics will naturally lock after 2 weeks from the last reply. Until those 2 weeks are up, replying to a topic is by definition not considered a bump. While a topic remains open, it is still relevant.

All posts that say “why did you bump” will be treated as spam from now on (with all the consequences that entails). Don’t do it.

Exception: some very old topics don’t have a 2-week timer applied to them. I can’t/won’t go back to fix them individually. If these old topics are bumped, I will apply the timer manually at that time.


This topic isnt closed, is intentional?

@InterAction_studios Close this topic, please.

It isn’t closed so you can bump it 12 days later :wink:


Uh, you mean 14, right?

Ok but my post “oh no a bump” is made before this topic, why is it flagged

The day 14, the Topic is already closed

hey, lets bump


I still remember a topic that even after 14 days it isn’t closed although ’topic will close after 14 days’ is on?

This topic reminded me that my first post was a 7 month BUMP and the second one was a 8 MONTH bump :smiley: