New music idea

i dont know that some one can add this for me on next uptade plz

  • Music: Chicken Inverder Music 4(comet chase)
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This will be added when comet chase will be added.

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CI3 sucess theme

I had ideas for things in the Galactic Store two days ago and most of them are music. Here they are:


CI1 theme
CI2 chiptune theme
CI2 chiptune spaceship
CI2 remastered theme
CI2 remastered spaceship
CI2Xmas theme
CI2Xmas spaceship
CI3Xmas theme
CI3Xmas music 1
CI3Xmas music 2
CI3Xmas music 3
CI4Xmas theme
CI4Xmas music 1
CI4Xmas music 2
CI4Xmas music 3
CI4Xmas sucess music
CI4Thanksgiving theme
CI5Xmas theme
CI5Xmas music 1
CI5Xmas music 2
CI5Xmas music 3
CI5Xmas sucess
CI5Halloween theme
CIU strong music
CIU calm music
IW1 theme
IW2 theme
IW2 music 1
PIG theme
PIG music 1
PIG music 2
PIG music 3
PIG bonus
PIGXmas theme
SV theme
SV music 1
SV music 2
SV music 3
SV bonus
CEC theme
CEC music 1
CEC music 2
CEC music 3
CEC music 4
LC theme
LC music 1
LC music 2
LC music 3


RWA background
CIDOS background
CEC background