New mode: Lights out!

Maybe I will start global map of constellations and wormholes later.

Currently, it’s a separate mission type, which means you’ll have to explore planets until you come across it. Key boost +400%, Score boost +50%.


Sounds like profits

I have questions.
Will the keys be rewarded before the release? Because if yes, that’s little “not-so-great” as there will be total reset as far as I remember. After release they will be much more valuable as there won’t be 300% early access key boost.
Medals. I assume that it will be the special kind of medal not achievable in-game, but will there be a way to check players who have them. It could be in credits as you mentioned somewhere on this forum, but you don’t like nicknames in credits so I’m curious about this situation.

I don’t ſee any reaſon why they ſhouldn’t be awarded before and after.

They’ll be awarded before, but they will persist even if keys are reset (which we’re not planning to do anyway).

The 300% key boost is not exclusive to Early Access.

You’ll be able to compare medals between heroes in a future update.

There’s no “no nicknames” rule in CIU. That was for previous episodes.



This boost doesn’t make sense. Instead of having that boost everything should be just 300% cheaper - less numbers, it would make other boosts look much more important

Does “The Darkness mode” added as coming soon like this ?

Nope, those are Space Burger missions where you fight against food droids


It’s a completely new mission type that hasnt been pre-implemented yet

Your reply is not related anything I said

I mean did the new game mode called the Darkness added as coming soon misson like that capture ?

I don’t think so

Yes, but it won’t be disabled and say “Coming Soon”. You’ll be able to play it right away.


Will they add onto planets incresing the number of misssions, or rather replace them?

They’ll be added.


here’s a question: will they be like invasion missions but everywhere is dark and we can barely see some enemies?

Well, congrats and thank you for this mode.

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Becauſe 1) Uſing bigger numbers makes ſaving up for a more expenſive item more ſatisfyïng, and 2) it allows more preciſe pricing in the lower range.

There should be a lantern and it only lights our path.

I point this now:
A darkness mission in a star is nosense