New Mission Idea

This would be a survival type of mission. Basically an offensive mission against the Henpire forces, with only one life allowed.
This act draws more and more attention, eventually sending more waves with stronger enemies. It could be either endless, or have a very large amount of waves, always ending with a Hend Game boss.
The waves would become insanely hard near the end, where they are pretty much impossible to beat without using superpowers, which force the player to lose.
The Result Assessment bonus would always be 0%, unless if the mission has limited waves number, where the bonus would be pretty high if the whole mission is beaten.
These missions could appear at Henpire Headquarters somewhere on the map, or maybe Chicken NPCs. Maybe at Wormholes too?


This almost matches my idea of infinite missions, mentioned here: Random thoughts for Missions

This maches my idea for online minigames
i had an idea for waves mode

Oh jeez, didn’t see that. Don’t know how did I miss that, I read all topics here…
I had a bit more details here though. I’ve also thought of the UHF teammates sometimes sending you firepowers, weapons, satellites and maybe lives too during the mission.

Excuse me pay 2 win much?

It won’t be a competition. The point is to have an increasing difficulty where at one point the player would have to lose. Using a superweapon to clear a wave would mean you’d need two for the next wave, all the way until at one point it becomes unprofitable, so it’s not pay 2 win.