New Miniboss: Egg Drone Type-B

Alternative names: Egg Drone Mk-II / Egg Core


  • It is the supposed egg drone’s twin, with upgraded weapons.
  • Comes in two forms: its egg form and its offensive form.
  • Its health is indicated by the color of its yolk (core) with red-orange being the lowest one.
  • It is on its egg form when uninterrupted from any attacks, but it transforms into its offensive form when hit.
  • The drone and its turrets aim at the player if they continuously attack it, but after a short while of not being attacked it will revert back on its egg form.
  • Fire frequency is slightly slower than a Security Droid.
  • It works as a substitute for any minibosses for more difficult missions.
  • Attacks can be either neutron gun or laser cannon (with warning ping) on most difficult missions.
  • Optional: When enclosed on a bubble, any hit on it will trigger the droid changing to its offensive form.
    Here’s a pic showing its attack:

Older version:


updated pic


  • Larger than a Egg Drone but smaller than the Metallic Egg.

  • Only moves sideways and fires every short while.

  • It can only fire while it’s on open form and stays on a fixed place while doing that.

  • It can tilt itself to fire either at a random direction or towards the player.

  • It can only move while it’s on closed form and immune to all kinds of damage.

  • Has 4 turrets (on the sketch) and fires purple beams. The frequency and speed of the beam depends on the difficulty level.

  • Periodically it fires laser cannon (like on Space Crab’s) instead of the usual purple beams. It charges itself for a short while make the player prepare for it. Not included in the sketch though.

  • Optional: The number of drones appearing at a time also depends on the difficulty level. One on Tourist up to three on Superstar Hero (currently the highest difficulty). The screen zooms out as well.

That’s all for a mini boss. Suggestions are welcome but should not be complicated.


But isn’t the egg drone… bigger?

Also: Bubble EggDrone-B wave Xd

I do refer to it’s main body, excluding the horn.

“Type-B” was just an inspiration from a game that I play. “MK-II” works too.

Alright, just saying a scenario where not only bubbles protect the drones but also themselves. Like worst case scenario.

Isn’t it better as a boss? Maybe add 1 more pattern and it would be good.

Bubble shield won’t always be there (activated) and the drone itself open to attack the player where they’re invulnerable.

Wait, I didn’t mention any bubble shied. It’s just the drone itself takes no damage when in closed form.

It’s already a boss wave, by my recent edit. Two attack patterns are enough for this enemy given the simple design.

I am saying, hypothetically, where upon a egg drone b is placed within a bubble during a wave, where they will be really annoying.

Although that’s not a reaſon not to have them at all.

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Correct, just stating a funnie situation.

I spent 3 messages explaining one lol

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Your suggestions bothers me a little so I made a poll categorizing this enemy:

  • A miniboss (Chick Gatling Gun, etc.)
  • A boss (Big Chicken, etc.)

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Attacks and appearance might be changed after this.

How about make the two of them, the mini version and the boss version? It would be great

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Main reason probably is the simplicity of its attack pattern. I could come up with a new ones but that’ll be another thread — as a boss.

For now, this will be updated as a miniboss.

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