New medals

sigh, no.
I don’t want to post off-topic things here.

Don’t worry, there is only one Travis on this forum.

no i dont get what do you mean by that when he joined or what
Also how about a medal for doing every mission from a planet/star system/constellation?

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i don’t understand.

neither i

I don’t like that becauſe it wouldn’t allow people who joined after early acceſs to get it.

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You just stole my meme. Ban.

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You just made spam post. Ban.

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idk if i am too late, but i have an idea:

  • get a pecking order of at least 10
  • get a pecking order of at least 20

I see this has been mentioned above, but only for getting all bonuses which is very hard.

But it’s spam/off-topic.

Do you even read this?


Distinguished Extreme Green Greed Cross : Awarded for 90% coin collection in an entire mission just like Appetite Achievement …single wave achievement/entire mission achievement

and how about a medal similar to Honourable “Either Brave or Stupid” Achievement Award the diffrecences will be Awarded for not using any power-ups in an entire mission !!!

Healthy Hero: Awarded for filling all your mission slots with extra lives.

i hope it gets implemented into the game, well, at least in ver. 17

Create a new medal for someone who does not use extra lives or extra slot!

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You mean me?

oh NO
Interaction studios

they already do that