New medals

‘Treasure Hunter’ awarded for 90% coin collection in a single stage

What do you mean?

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As far as I remember,stage=/=wave.

“Line Em Up”
Awarded for receiving all Pecking Order bonuses in one stage/mission.

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What about medals for breaking the all-time record for the variöus challenges?

What’s a very hard misson and elite misson ?

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Legend Hunter: Not using any power-up in an entire mission

An entire mission? Ouch.

It’s possible and easy.

It’s possible but extremely hard (BinhTurtle said that the requirements for this medal IS TO NOT use any power-ups in an entire mission).

That depends on what kind of mission it is. If it’s a 0% difficulty mission,and you’re using tourist,it would be really easy. But if you’ll do a 100% difficulty mission with ssh on,yes,it would be hard


Oops, my bad. I meant IF THIS was in the previous CI games, then it would be extremely hard to achieve it.

Challenge accepted :smirk:

You gonna do the challenge (even though the medal doesn’t exist)? Just tell people about it with a topic.

Making a topic about doing such a small challange is Travis level topic.


yea hes gonna flood he whole forum when he can just reply to most of posts like this. How old is he anyway

See his date of joining the forum on his profile (search for Travisdaman (click the magnifier glass icon) and them you’ll find it).

i think im stupid but what you mean by when he joined

When i say that i mean WHEN he first visited the forum.

im too stupid just tell me this is getting off-topic