New medal & enemy & boss idea

Greetings Recruit.

  1. Appears suddenly elsewhere.
  2. Become another enemy (for example, become a coward).
  3. Turn other chickens into other enemies (for example, from coward to slob)
    Will be added…

Thanks for reading


how will military crab and magician chicken attack

I wonder how this chicken would turned out to be wearing a magician’s hat and a wand lol

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Yes it would be like that

@Star_Light Can you make a medal for all player have play Early Access when the game is ready?

Kinda looks similar to this one lol

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That’s not good idea
If someone want to get medal medal how he wanna do that?

Yeah but this is not a boss.
Some thing like this

Again white background

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This will do :wink:

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