New mechanic: Give keys to players

(Probably suggested 100 times before, but the search feature isn’t helpful :person_shrugging:)
Do you feel generous to give someone keys, but you don’t have enough money to gift them?
With this feature, you can gift any player an amount you prefer from keys in your account.
And of course, so it doesn’t get exploitable by making a guest, which can give you over 300+ keys in less than a minute (Joining, skipping tutoriel Intentional., playing a random mission then crash into an enemy without any lives so it gives you “Your first mission” reward, then sell your overdrive and all lives), you must at least have a:

  • Callsign.
  • Tier 50+ (Making this tier more useful)
  • Have linked an E-mail to your account.

The player who receives the keys should have (Doesn’t have to be a specific tier, what if you want to help one of your friends who just started playing, but they don’t have enough tiers?):

  • Callsign
  • Have linked an E-mail to their account.

This feature will really help me a lot, I usually need a lot of keys for my guests cheat experiments, but I have no time to grind


By the title I can say that it was already suggested. Give me few minutes to read through.

UPD: found it (wow, that was quite a while ago, huh?)


Kinda surprised that it wasn’t suggested like 1 month ago or smth.
Sounds like a good time to re-suggest this idea now, hmm.

It was suggested many times. That’s the first one.


or multiple accounts in the galactic cup :skull:

I mean,would it be easier to make that a in app feature to gift/donate stuff to people?it be better

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This already exists, just be sure to buy something for yourself first

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Isn’t that too much? I would put tier 30+ or so.
EDIT: Sorry for bumping. I didn’t realize this was a 10-day old topic.


Probably, I had a reason for choosing 50, but I can’t remember.


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