New Item: Recoil Buffer/Absorber

An item that reduces recoil distance. This is purchaseable as a Perishable item at the Aftermarket. Like other items, you can purchase this directly at the menu (without discount). This is also stackable, for up to three time as follows:

1 Stack = 50% reduction
2 Stacks = 75% reduction
3 Stacks = 90% reduction

Using weapons having huge recoil distance (Corn Shotgun, The Riddler) effectively increases your effective hitbox size while firing. This item comes in handy especially when you equip Eggular Repulsor as well… for some bullet hell grazing action!


  • A ship equipped with recoil absorption mechanism might be a thing in the future.
  • Recoil distance should be considered as a factor in weapon balancing.
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Isn’t recoil just a visual effect?

Yes, it doesn’t actually affect your hitbox.

I think it Ĺżhould. BWAA-HA-HA!

Recoil does affect your hitbox.


So can we expect in a future a light spaceship/heavy weapon with buffed recoill?

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It feels like I don’t get hit while having a recoil. Maybe that’s only me.

It’s hard to test this experimentally because everything is moving so fast. But you could try verifying it using stationary targets (e.g. Henperor)

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It’s the best to test it with Riddler,seems to have the highest recoil of all guns.

I could actually test this while at the Special Forces fight (the knife attack). I never had the opportunity to do so.

Not the best way to test it. Do it in lethal connections,instead. With riddler. Keep restarting the wave until the metal eggs are at the very bottom,so that you can’t go under them normally. You can try going under them without firing riddler,but you’ll die. However,you can then try to go under them while firing the riddler,and you will most likely survive.


It would only be used for people using Riddler.Though that thing does faster damage than Boron Railgun,and I don’t know why people don’t use it.

The recoil really isn’t that bad,and in fact helps you sometimes.

Though the weapon itself is amazing.It’s just that Utensil Poker looks too good to use any other weapon.

Yeah,it looks. In reality,it’s the other weapons that aren’t good enough

Actually,all the weapons deal around the same amount of damage before overheating.They are quite balanced,except that Utensil Poker,Neuron Gun and Vulcan Chaingun are much more heavy hitting per volley.

No,they are not. A lot of them take forever to kill stuff. And that is an issue.

You know,it’s kinda ironic when weapon suggestions get turned down because of this argument-

If @VerMishelb was in the beta testing for CI3,CIU(and the memes topic) would be so much more different.

Yeah,utensil does not kill absolutely everything the game throws at you,which basically is what that person’s main post says about the suggested weapon.
I don’t even know why you’re measuring weapons by “amount of damage they deal before overheating” when some of them can be fired indefinitely without penalty to damage,which technically translates to infinite damage. And it sounds OP,when it really isn’t.
And if you think all the weapons are balanced,try using something really weak like boron against swarms of mini-bosses. See how well it goes.


And that doesn’t even take the bombers into account.