New idea with Emerald Play's Egg Lanucher

I want Emerald Play build Egg Launcher like this:

  • The frist, The orbit and shooting method of this bullet is like the Untesil Poker, only difference is that each group has three bullets, instead of one like Untesil Poker
    tải xuống
  • Second, Egg Lanucher is a organic weapon (same group with Bird-Flu Gun and Corn Shotgun)
    And this is…bullet’s features of Egg Lanucher:
  1. Color and damage of one bullet:*
  2. Bullets on each shot:

    *: with respect to Chick, Chicken
  3. Bullet’s Orbit:

So the eggs don’t fall down?
Also, those aren’t groups of shots, those are singular stronger projectiles that look like 2 regular ones.
And that damage output seems rather absurd. What is the fire rate of this thing?
Either way, I think I’d rather have Emerald’s variant. More unique.


Well, in the episodes, that is. The double projectile was split as part of the recent buff in Universe.

As far as the Egg Launcher is concerned, I agree. If the eggs don’t fall back then it’s just a copy of the Ion Blaster, and if they do then when combined with that spread the weapon is going to be more or less impossible to use (imagine that with bombers, jfc).

I’m actually trying to figure out a better progression rn. The thing is, if we’re stuck with a single projectile type that deals consistent damage across all power levels, then we’re gonna have a pretty hard time figuring out a smooth progression unless we do some funky firerate changes.


Yeah, although there aren’t really any “groups” of shots.
Also, that screenshot is from ci5, so they likely were talking about the double projectiles.

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Sorry, but I just generally dislike the idea of using eggs against the chickens. That would be like if they fired utensils at you. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here’s the problem with this weapon: The damage is too high, need to nerf and to much projectiles, leading to this weapon is OP

What is the OP?

It’s a short way to say ’Over Powered’

Why Absolver Beam stronger than it but Absolver Beam not “OP” again?

Because it really doesn’t do well in waves like High Speed Chase, Weaving through Traffic and other such waves where you don’t have a lot of time to intercept chickens before they leave. It also suffers in Asteroids and Supernovas.

Not to mention the fast overheat, it really robs you from getting those sweet multi kill bonuses.

However, I can agree that it’s on the verge of being overpowered on lower power levels. The thing can fire a goddamn 250 laser that goes through enemies 6.66 times per second ON :zap: 0 , and to make it even more op, it can go through bubbles and destroy enemy projectiles at full charge.


Cool idea but its too op

  1. Damage too high
  2. Too much projectiles
  3. And @Sammarald 's Egg Launcher is Automatic
    Too OP

Rather than tryïng to improve on Emerald’s deſign, which has yet to be implemented, and changing it draſtically, wouldn’t it be better to come up with a completely new weapon?

Well. There’s no way to add new comments to Emerald’s idea (because of automatic thread locking, but who would listen to me) and seeing as it is on IA list of things to be revisited ([spoiler]which you can preview here: Collection of ideas liked by InterAction Studios) he/she wanted to add his/her opinion in case it will finally be added in the future. Right now we have 22 weapons on the list and if even half of them makes it into the game then it will be fantastic.


Damage of New Egg Lanucher (fixed):
375/bullet (Power-ups 0-19)
500/bullet (Power-ups 20 onwards)

I have already thought like you, but it’s like Ion Blaster, so it’s impossible

Reduce projectiles, too: 0-5 :zap:=1 egg, 6-9 :zap:= 2 eggs, 10 :zap:=3 eggs, 20 :zap:(max)=5 eggs

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Fix: It’s like Untesil Poker

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