New idea: sorting missions

I have an idea to add the mission sort option. In terms of duration or difficulty. From lowest to highest or vice versa.

I am afraid that it will not be useful when we are in orbit, because there are not many missions on them, but when we have missions in favorites or saved for later, it would be useful and convenient for players, especially for new ones.

(Forgive me for all the mistakes because my English is not very good. I hope everything is understandable)


Definitely a quality of life change.
Didn’t know how I need this before

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This is some good idea there, actually

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Changed in v.26 :medal_sports: Idea


Hey, speaking of mission select screen. Since when does the mission select screen show how many levels there are in the mission?
Because I suggested it long ago here - Bunch of my ideas after longer play

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I don’t know since when. I have been playing CIU since July and has been there ever since.

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