"New" Idea: Golemoid

Golemoid is an chicken golem made out of asteroids (just like Ice Golem is made out of Ice Comet Cubes) with red egg-shaped gem in the center as its heart. It appears only in missions loacted at Electric planets

Once the small asteroids take a form of chicken, the Spread Lightning occurs as the electricity powers the gem. It can make Asteroid Storm appear in the battle too. When asteroids are missing, it can shape shift to cover its weak spot.

The gem has its tricks up its sleeves too:

  • It can lock on spaceship’s location and fire a lightning bolt
  • It can cause Multi-Lightning (glows as a warning)

When all small asteroids are gone, the gem will go into “enraged” mode (that means it starts chasing the spaceship while occasionally shoot lightning balls)

To destory that boss, you need to break through the asteroids to damage the gem.

@InterAction_studios Do you think this will work in-game? If not, then I understand :pensive:

Does anyone have an idea how can I better explain the idea? Let me know in the comments


So, another variant of this?


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