Boss idea: Asteroid Golem (basically ice golem but..)

I was thinking about a new boss for asteroid missions, and i thought that having a Boss similar to ice golem would good…

The Golem comes in 2 Color Styles: (Sorry for bad edit, but it is hard to turn all those rocks into actual asteroids)

(Normal Asteroids)

And… Hot Asteroids? (Not sure about the name)

(Badly made) (And yes, Color edit, lol)

Attacks: (Tried to make it not too similar to ice golem)

1.Intro: It appears forming by small asteroids, then releases 5 Asteroids from itself, those asteroids can get released in 2 ways:

Directly: The Golem releases 5 Medium size asteroids from itself directly (0%-75%) (Indestructible Asteroids)

Spinning: The Golem releases 5 medium size asteroids from itself spinning while they Yeet away (76%-140%) (Indestructible Asteroids)

  1. Asteroids Wave: 3-4 lines of asteroids will be coming to the recruit trying to destroy it, forcing it to destroy them. (Inspired by ‘‘CrossHatch’’ Wave) (Can come from left or right) (The asteroids here are Coming from left)

  2. (Can’t think of a name): Asteroids will come from any side (Right or Left) and will be moving at a 15% speed, the recruit will have to pass through them. they can go Left or right side depending of which side they appear, the asteroids also got the size of a scout. (Indestructible Asteroids)
    Attack n ew

  3. Drop asteroids: 3 groups of 4 asteroids each one will be falling into your current position (Move Or DIE) (Indestructible Asteroids)
    ATTACK 3

And Then their attacks repeat (Intro attack wont)

The Zoom of this boss will also need to be be less than the CI5 ice golem, so that the recruit can move more freely, so this golem will have the zoom of Space crab 2.0 (And abit more?)

The Spacecraft Wont Rotate like in Ice Golem

The Golem wont move much at all.

Deleted Part:
3. (Cant think of a name): a ‘‘X’’ form lightings will try to destroy the recruit by following its current position, it also emit a short attack warning that remains 1.5 secs.

1.Intro: It appears forming by small asteroids, then releases a small warn before releasing 3 lightings that will spin around it. (Wanted to make it not too similar to ice golem) (But more similar to henperor) (The lighting will be mostly white).

  1. Lightings Rage 4 lightings will try to Explode the recruit, following its current position, their warning last 1.25 secs. (You will obviously need to move to not be touched by those things lol)
    ATTACK 3

(Basically almost everything lol)


Why so many lightnings? What’s the connection there? I mean, what do asteroids have to do with lightnings? Ice golem at least was on the planet with storm, but here?

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Done, Only Asteroids Attacks now.

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