New Idea For The Game:Downloading Levels

As We Play CIU It Need Internet But What If We Traveled To Place And This Place Have No Net So We Cant Play CIU! As We Play Other CI Games They Dont Need Net So For That I Decided To Get An Idea Called Downloading Levels! We Download A Level To Play But How We Find Downloaded Levels? There Will Be Button On The Main Of CIU Called Downloaded Levels We Play It With No Net So It Be Better Idea So @InterAction_studios Please make that because it will be a lot of thanking to you,Best Co. Of Games. :smile:

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Why Writing In Such A Way? You Don’t Need Perfect English On This Forum, But Barely Decent It Should Be.

Anyway, already suggested (like most of suggestions, just need to wait for IA to add them someday)
CIU offline mode

Never Saw That Topic In My Life But It Aint Far Because ia wont add them,maybe

RTX 4070 required.

The question is, how many mega (or giga) bytes would a single wave be? Just don’t download the anniversary mission.

also you can just play CI2-CI5

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bro that ain’t possible but ok

Or I Can Say 250 Kilo Bytes (The Wave Size Will Be Based On The Difficulty)

It should be more than that, the size of the wave is determined by many different factors, such as wave zoom, chicken generation, difficulty, etc…

also download grammarly it will help you type with better grammar

So What Do You Think? (I Think The Single Wave Is 3-5 Mega) And You?

I guess.

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It Maybe 3-5 mega what do you think?

I’m pretty certain that waves are already included in game size and the server only tells the game which one to choose.
So going by that a wave would weigh whatever long ID it has which probably doesn’t exceed 4 bytes since we currently have less than 1000 waves.


You Should Not Download Anniversary Mission Or Weekly Challenge

Why not? Even assuming that one wave ordered from server is 10 bytes in size then the 120 wave mission would still weigh only 1,17KB. And that’s pretty much nothing.

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Bro it should be not like that for some reason :varition of drawing and zooming and different attacks it may be bigger on pc but smaller size on android/ios

Textures are smaller, but waves should be more or less the same. And also you wouldn’t download the whole wave since it already is in the client.

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Hmmmm idk but @InterAction_studios may but the mission size near the comment button and downloading button may be near the “fly mission” button

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